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My grandfather, along with his father and sons, produced wine for the gold miners of Amador County. Their winery and vineyards were located just a few miles east of Jackson. Prohibition shut down the operation forever. In the early 1980's, my dad, my sons, and I planted vineyards in Shenandoah Valley region of Amador County.

We currently have 75 acres of vineyards bordering the south fork of the Cosumnes River on hillsides with elevations ranging from 1,500 feet to 1,700 feet.
Aspects are generally west and southwest, the soil is deep decomposed granite, and the vines receive approximately 38.5" of precipitation annually. Here are some files about precipitation: Monthly; Yearly; 1990-1999; 2000-2011. We are proud of how we tend this prime wine grape growing land.

Steiner Road was the social center of Shenandoah Valley during the Gold Rush. In the 1970's, our road also saw the "next generation" of wineries renew the industry in Amador County. Zinfandel traces its roots to this road, too. Forty years ago our neighbor gave us cuttings from the oldest zin vines in the nation. Even White Zinfandel was created by folks making wine within a mile of us. In the early 1990's we innovated the first sweet red zinfandel on the market – Zinetta.

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